Curt's Shopping Center in Muskogee, Ok

Heiglighted Work

Curt's Shopping Center in Muskogee, Ok

We were given the opportunity to place our bid on the sealcoat and striping for Curt’s Shopping Center, located in our hometown Muskogee, Oklahoma, and were extremely blessed to have been awarded the job. This was not only the first job for Array Striping, LLC to take on as a brand-new company, but the property was home to a large number of globally known store fronts. With keeping our company’s core values of integrity, exceptional service, innovation and excellence at the forefront of every project, we knew that we would have to treat each store as if we were working for them, personally and individually. We worked around their busy hours to allow parking for customers and ensured they were able to conduct business, as they normally would.

Weather had a big impact on our timeline, seeing as though we started in the middle of spring, May 9th, 2022. With rain and high humidity slowing the drying processes and the national material shortages that our nation was experiencing, it seemed that we were fighting an uphill battle. In true Array fashion, we adapted, overcame, and successfully completed the entire service on June 5th, 2022, in just under four weeks.

Starting on the far west side of the property and stretched to the far East of the shopping center. this lot included parking stripe, crosswalks, handicap symbols, arrows, and curb painting.

We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity and look forward to serving Curt’s Shopping Center for years to come.

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